Welcome to my website. You may think of me as Ranyhyn. I am the webmaster of this domain.

This webdomain is used mostly as a remote storage server. I figure I might as well just make a simple layout to work with, where I can present myself, some of my work, some of my hobbies, various bits and pieces of things, to those who wish to access it.

The site was built using html and css. While I normally work with javaScripts, PHP and MySQL as well, I saw no reason to implement these technologies at present time. Occam's razor, right? Also, I normally work using html tables, but this time around I decided to do something a little different, and decided to harness the power of CSS to a much greater degree compared to earlier works, and I find it quite satisfying, I must admit. Though I'm using an iFrame to make the interaction between the navigation bar and the content a lot easier to handle. Normally I would employ PHP to switch pages, but that wouldn't be any fun.


If you are on the lookout for a website design, tutoring or consultation, you can contact me at the following eMail address: lleanlleawrg[AT]gmail.com
NB: Replace [AT] with a @ symbol. I purposefully did not write my email address in cleartext, in hopes of avoiding some spam.


Kindest regards,